New Leadership in the Working World

  • Heidi Hofer
  • January 27, 2021
Leadership in the Working World

In the working world, the demand for good leadership has changed fundamentally over the last few years. Hierarchies are crumbling, the value of status symbols is decreasing, a culture of innovation is becoming more important and employees are increasingly demanding good leadership.

These days, employees no longer seek to be motivated, they want to be inspired. They not only want to work through their to-do lists, but rather to make a meaningful contribution in an environment where they feel appreciated. Their personal priorities should dock with the company’s vision. There is a desire to express one’s individual talents and not to be constrained by the job description. Everyone wants to decide for themselves when and where to work.

For managers, this change represents a massive challenge. This is currently a big dilemma in companies. Managers no longer understand their employees. HR departments notice that their management development methods are no longer effective. Top
managers are amazed and keep asking me, “why do employees suddenly want so much appreciation?”

Evidently, in recent years, the leadership role has become more demanding. On a technical level, there are massive challenges: the eradication of business models, unpredictable situations, increasing client demands, digitalization and enormous complexity – and this, all at an unprecedented speed. In addition, this has been accompanied by completely new leadership skills. Leaders must be able to facilitate a team spirit and a sense of belonging, have a positive impact on the company culture, promote the individual talents of employees and be inspirational, setting an example for others. Old and new leadership styles differ in many ways. 

These days, employees no longer seek to be motivated, they want to be inspired.

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